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A sweep generator is a piece of electronic test equipment similar to, and sometimes included on, a function generator which creates an electrical waveform with a linearly varying frequency and a constant amplitude. Sweep generators are commonly used to test the frequency response of electronic filter circuits. These circuits are mostly transistor circuits with inductors and capacitors to create linear characteristics.

Keysight Technologies Inc. - Navy

Providing premium performance at an affordable price. Delivers superior level accuracy, low phase noise, and precision analog modulation for accurate characterization of RF and microwave components and devices. The PSG sets a new price performance mark by providing advanced capabilities; including ramp sweep for continuous sweep measurements and fully automated use with the KEYSIGHT 8757D scalar network analyzer. The E8257N is a special version of the E8257D specially made for the Navy and available to other federal agencies through GSAMart. Please review the data sheet to ensure that the E8257N will fulfill your requirements.