PXI modules providing the instrument functions are plugged into a PXI chassis which may include its own controller running an industry standard operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Linux (which is not yet PXI System Alliance approved), or a PCI-to-PXI bridge that provides a high-speed link to a desktop PC controller.

Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight's PXI chassis and controllers form the basis of a high-performance, PXI-based test system.

Marvin Test Solutions Inc.

We offer a broad range of PXI Instruments and Cards including PXI chassis, counters, switching, user power supplies, digitizers, arbitrary waveform generators, a precision standards module and digital I/O instrumentation.

National Instruments Corporation

National Instruments offers a variety of powerful PXI chassis for measurement and automation applications. NI chassis feature high-performance backplanes and a rugged, reliable mechanical package. You can choose from chassis for portable, bench-top, rack-mount, or embedded systems, or you can select a system with integrated signal conditioning. All NI PXI chassis work with both PXI and CompactPCI. With a wide range of PXI/CompactPCI modules from hundreds of vendors, you can achieve a higher degree of flexibility and power in your PXI system.