Upholding the motto of "quality first" and the core value of extending satisfaction to customers, Yokogawa has been making a strong contribution in numerous industries since its foundation in 1915. In today's difficult economic environment, many customers are endeavoring to transform their business structures and create innovative management systems. With a commitment to providing optimum solutions born out of the latest technologies, Yokogawa has been presenting strategic solutions to its customers who face these challenges. Their technology and expertise in industrial automation and control, test and measurement, information systems, and aviation and industrial support services enable us to present the highly appropriate solutions that their customers appreciate.

At Yokogawa, they are continually asking themselves what kind of issues the customer is facing and what technologies are required to solve these issues. In our efforts to supply the highest quality products and solutions, they are investing steadily in research and development and taking leadership in developing advanced technologies. They believe that this management policy focused on customers has won Yokogawa their trust.

ecognised that the development of Yokogawa's human resources to meet the challenges not only for today but into the next century is crucial to the partnership with Yokogawa's customers in finding mutually desirable solutions to the ever increasing complexities of resources and environmental issues.

Yokogawa is more then competent to meet these challenges at a local or international level. That is the commitment and value we bring to long term business relationships.

Yokogawa employs over 6,300 people (as of July 1998) divided over 62 affiliates (17 factories) in 25 countries, with another 286 representatives in 50 countries . This Global distribution of facilities ensures that the customer, wherever located, has access to Yokogawa professionals and specialists who have in common both language, and cultural understanding, so essential for the process of providing mutually beneficial communication.

To facilitate customer access to Yokogawa specialist knowledge and information, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, four Centres of Excellence are based in Japan, Singapore, the USA and the Netherlands, which is coincident with achieving the aims and aspirations of a truly global operation.

Continuous investment in research and design has earned Yokogawa the reputation for innovation. Advances in electronics, in computers and in software design have created new opportunities to be addressed - open architectures, modular systems, and optimum flexibility combined with increasing measurement speeds leads to greater demands for improved quality, quantity, and resolution of measurements, providing the customer with a greater opportunity to optimise his process plant to gain increased operating efficiencies.

Data exchange between systems is becoming increasingly necessary, and Yokogawa is continuing to make large investments in plant automation technology. Yokogawa has maintained a consistent investment in R&D of 9% of Sales Revenue for the past decade, illustrating the importance attached to the development and practical implementation of new and emerging technologies for incorporation within the product and services of the future.

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