Wandel & Goltermann

Wavetek Wandel Goltermann is the emerging leader in providing test solutions for deployed and new technologies to the global communications industry. Customers use these test products to develop, manufacture, install, troubleshoot, and maintain their systems or networks that transport data,voice, and images.

Wavetek Wandel Goltermann provides test solutions for specific communications technologies to include:

SDH, ATM, PDH, and PCM Networks

Mobile GSM and DECT Testing Automatic Test Systems (ATE) for functional telecom testing

Fiber Optic Testing

LF and Level Meters

Wavetek Wandel Goltermann provides conventional product-based services, such as repair, upgrade, and calibration, as well as value-added professional services worldwide. Professional services include consulting, training, asset management, field testing, and financing. These services are offered at regional and local levels through WWG's own sales offices. Customized products and test systems are available from the Company's product design and manufacturing units.

Wandel & Goltermann contact information:

1030 Swabia Court
P. O. Box 13585
Research Triangle Park, NC

TestMart contact information:

1000 Cherry Ave., Suite #100,
San Mateo, CA
(888) 665-2765