VXI Technology

VXI Technology is a global supplier of "next generation" high-density, modular test and data acquisition products for the test and measurement industry. All of our products are designed to reduce the overall size and cost of test and data acquisition, while considerably improving system throughput. We have a worldwide sales, service and support infrastructure and local technical representation. We also offer integration services and custom VXIbus module development.

Our instruments are modular and are supported by an open platform (VMIP), which allows up to three independent instruments to be housed in a single C-size slot. Instruments include DMMs, ARBs, D/As, A/Ds, standard and custom serial interfaces, time stamps, digital I/Os, which can be mixed and matched in one slot to build a high-density system to fit your needs. The VMIP platform is open and, with the use of our prototyping module, allows customers to develop their own products when they have applications requiring it.

Our switching is based on a similar platform (SMIP),which allows up to two switches in a single slot or up to six in a double-slot. Switching includes general purpose, RF, muxes, matrices, power switches, along with optical and microwave, spanning the spectrum from DC to Light. As with the instruments, these switches can be mixed and combined on a card to form flexible and high-density switch configurations.

VXI Technology has been an OEM supplier of VXIbus mainframes for almost a decade. Our line of modular VXIbus mainframes ranges from portable, 5-slot to a 13-slot which breaks the price/performance barrier.

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