Teltone Corp.

At Teltone's core is a remarkable depth of telecom network expertise, acquired from over 30 years in the telecommunications marketplace. For the last twelve years, Teltone has provided reliable, feature-rich, low-cost tools for testing telecom products during the development and manufacturing process, as well as for demonstrating product features to customers. Customers for these products include manufacturers or developers of telecom equipment and applications that provide connectivity to the global public telephone network.

Teltone has a well-established leadership position with our award-winning analog and digital telephone line simulators. Our test equipment products are used worldwide by virtually every leading manufacturer of products that connect to the public network, and are renowned for their innovative features, solid design, and affordability. Our simulators incorporate the latest telephone network features, often before they are made available to the public. This helps equipment manufacturers stay competitive by developing products that can make use of new public network features as soon they appear. Teltone is aggressively pursuing next-generation test and demonstration tools to capitalize on emerging telecommunications technologies.

In addition to test and demonstration tools, Teltone also markets a wide selection of tone-based integrated circuits for telecom equipment design applications. Products such as our precise call progress tone detectors and generators and DTMF receivers and transceivers are used in equipment that connects to the worldwide telephone network, such as computer-telephone equipment, Internet telephones, PBXs and central office switches, and wireless systems.

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