Telecom Analysis Systems

Providing quality test systems for developers, manufacturers, and evaluators of telecommunications equipment. That was the mission in 1984 when co-founders W. David Tarver, Charles Simmons, and Steven Moore formed the company. And that is still the mission.

Today, TAS operates at the forefront of the communications industry, providing test systems for products that span a broad spectrum of communications technologies. TAS provides test solutions for wireless

voice and data communications equipment, PSTN modems and fax modems, and ISDN and DSL terminals.

Leading communications companies all over the world rely on TAS instruments and software to ensure their products' success in the marketplace. TAS serves over 700 client accounts worldwide. In addition to the U.S., major markets for TAS equipment include Japan, China, Europe, and Israel.

In 1995 TAS joined with Bowthorpe plc, a global provider of solutions for the electrical and electronics industry. As a result, TAS now offers customers the best of both worlds - the flexibility and responsiveness of

a small entrepreneurial company, and the financial strength, stability, and global reach of the $900 million Bowthorpe group.

We are proud of the contributions we have made to the communications industry, and we appreciate the input and business we have received from our customers. In the years ahead, TAS will continue to focus on the technology needed to provide our customers with complete test and analysis solutions. At the same time, TAS will look for new markets where its experience can be leveraged to achieve success.

Not content to merely keep pace with this expanding industry, TAS intends to continue its pioneering approach to developing integrated solutions for evaluating the performance of data communications


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