PK Technology

PK Technology has been at the forefront of optical fiber measurement technology for over 15 years. From the first automated test systems for commercial optical fibers and preforms, to the first remote monitoring systems for optical fiber communications networks, PK Technology has demonstrated its commitment to pioneering high quality optical fiber test equipment.

We provide the industry's most comprehensive range of optical fiber test equipment and fiber preparation products. Our products include: OTDRs, Embedded Fiber Optic Test Systems, Handheld and Fiber Preparation Tools, Fiber Geometry Measurement Systems, Fiber Transmission Characterization Systems, and Fiber Preform Analysis Systems.

Whether your business is fiber, cable or component manufacturing, telecommunications services, fiber optic research or cable installation, PK Technology is "Testing the Limits of Fiber Optic Technology."

PK Technology contact information:

9405 SW Gemini Dr.
Beaverton, OR

TestMart contact information:

1000 Cherry Ave., Suite #100,
San Mateo, CA
(888) 665-2765