Phase Matrix, Inc.

Phase Matrix, Inc. was formed to develop and manufacture high quality, cost effective microwave and RF Instruments. In June, 1999, Phase Matrix purchased substantially all the assets of EIP Microwave, Inc., a long established manufacturer of microwave test equipment, and is pursuing the following strategy:

1. Supporting a significant portion of the large installed base of EIP products by providing repair services and spare parts and, in cases where demand warrants it, complete EIP-branded instruments. EIP pioneered many of the innovations in microwave instrumentation, and certain of its more recent models still offer unique solutions for customers.

2. Developing and manufacturing microwave test instruments for well-established OEM customers to be sold under those customersÂ’ brand names. EIP had been shipping products under such a program for 18 months, and Phase Matrix is continuing to build on this foundation by developing and producing additional new products that meet its existing and future OEM customersÂ’ needs.

Phase Matrix, Inc. contact information:

109 Bonaventura Dr.

TestMart contact information:

1000 Cherry Ave., Suite #100,
San Mateo, CA
(888) 665-2765