In 1949, Krohn-Hite marked the start of its career in electronic design and manufacturing, with the introduction of ultra-low distortion oscillators. In the years that have followed, Krohn-Hite's reputation as a leader in innovative product development was established through the introduction of several industry firsts, including: the first ultra-low frequency variable filter in 1950; the first push-button oscillator to cover the frequency range from 0.001Hz to 100kHz (1952); the first ultra-low distortion 50 watt power amplifier (1954); and the first direct coupled power amplifiers to cover the range from DC to 1MHz (1958).

As the industry's state-of-the-art advanced, so did the need for new and unique instrumentation. Krohn-Hite achieved recognition, once again, with the introduction of a precision digital phasemeter that made possible accuracy measurements not previously available.

The continued success of Krohn-Hite over the years in electronic technology, came from a basic philosophy which was established in 1949, and is an integral part of Krohn-Hite's rigid engineering discipline. The philosophy adopted was to create a "standard of value" or more precisely, to design, develop and manufacture electronic instrumentation that would not only provided superior performance and reliability, but would also offer the greatest flexibility in both critical laboratory work and in general production and manufacturing areas, and most importantly - at a reasonable cost.

Today, Krohn-Hite remains a leader in the electronics industry, providing to its customers, five product lines with a total of over 50 different products to choose from. Each product is manufactured and tested under strict procedure, often requiring the use of special designed test equipment for that specific purpose. The result is a product of the highest quality, not only in terms of outstanding performance, but also in its capability to provide an added margin of reliability in situations where environmental and long term stability are most demanding. It is this "extra margin" of reliability that is recognized by its customers worldwide.

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