Instruments For Industry

In the 1960's, it began to appear that a commercial market was developing for equipment that utilized many of the techniques that the company had pioneered, and the military work was de-emphasized. IFI turned toward becoming a commercial supplier of industrial laboratory equipment for the creation, measurement, control, and containment of high intensity electromagnetic fields. IFI's product line has evolved with attention to the latest technology and an ear to the needs of its customers. By doing so, IFI produced many innovative products that subsequently were taken up by other companies:

Commercial high power distributed tube amplifiers (1957)

Broadband, direct reading, E-field sensors (1971)

Broadband E-field generator (1971)

Automatic E-field leveling system (1972)

Commercial TEM Cells (1975)

Cost saving, dual band amplifiers (1980)

EMP amplifiers with bandwidths from 1 kHz to 220 MHz (1980)

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