EZ Digital

The EZ Digital Co. Ltd(EZD) has made remarkable achievements in test & measuring instruments field since its establishment in 1976. At first, the company engaged in producing highly-sophisticated weapon systems such as missile systems, radar, fire control systems, etc. Utilizing the technologies accumulated from participating in the defence industry, the company is producing high-precision test & measuring equipments as well as weapon systems.

Today, under the management philosophy - CREATING VALUE FOR THE CUSTOMER THROUGH MANAGEMENT BASED ON ESTEEM FOR HUMAN DIGNITY, EZD is making every efforts to better meet customer satisfaction.

Precision cannot be over-stressed in the field of test & measuring instruments. EZD has developed a variety of quality test & measuring instruments, and as a result, has earned an international reputation for excellence in this field. The company's recent success includes the development of analog & digital storage oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, frequency counters, power supplies, function generators and audio oscillator. Other sophisticated products are soon to be added to the list. EZ continues to give top priority to its customers with a steadfast determination to provide high quality products and efficient on-site services. EZD's dedication to customer satisfaction and untiring commitment to quality and innovation are sure to advance it's position in the field of electronic test & measuring instruments worldwide.

EZ Digital contact information:

Morrow Wave, Inc.
13013 E. 166th St.
Cerritos, CA

TestMart contact information:

1000 Cherry Ave., Suite #100,
San Mateo, CA
(888) 665-2765