Elgar's programmable AC power sources, plug-in oscillators, programmers and transient generators meet a wide variety of commercial, industrial and military power requirements. Technological breakthroughs in the SmartWave Series deliver three arbitrary waveform generators in a single package and the highest power density in the industry.

Elgar's programmable DC power system and loads allow configuration and integration of DC supplies to provide transportable, benchtop or automatic test equipment systems in a smaller size. These modular, multi-output systems are ideal for test systems requiring high power density, small size and flexibility.

Power conditioning products include Global Uninterruptible Power Systems(GUPS)--ruggedized units with global input for harsh environments and military battle computers, and an extensive family of Ultra Precision Line Conditioners that offer the most precise output regulation available today.

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9250 Brown Deer Rd.
San Diego, CA

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