Electronic Design Specialists

Electronic Design Specialists makes test equipment especially designed to help servicing electronic technicians troubleshoot problems as quickly and accurately as possible. All test equipment is designed by David T. Miga, CET, who is both an electronic engineer and a certified electronic technician.

The EDS Corporation was started in 1986 when Dave designed a digital capacitor meter and a semiconductor analyzer to increase his own productivity as a contract technician. When other technicians saw what the EDS-52 capacitor meter and the EDS-59 semiconductor analyzer could do, Dave found himself being asked to build more of these prototypes for them.

Dave designs his test equipment with an entirely different perspective than most test equipment companies. All ideas start by interviewing thousands of independent service technicians for their opinions and special needs.

For this reason, all EDS equipment is designed to give the technician the tools to tell whether a component is good, poor, or bad, in circuit, as accurately as possible. A technician doesn't need to know what a capacitor's dissipation factor or dielectric constant is; just is it bad, or can I move on? Determining the quality of a component in question is done by the test instrument, not the technician.

Electronic Design Specialists contact information:

21621 Reflection Lane
Boca Raton, FL

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