Amplifier Research

AR is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of amplifiers, antennas, interference generators, pre-compliance EMC test sets, and other products for EMC and RF testing. Most of our products support EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) immunity testing requirements, and most of our customers test to a wide variety of radiated immunity or susceptibility standards for electromagnetic immunity. AR amplifiers, antennas, and accessories are distinct in their ability to accommodate nearly every test level and methodology called out in this spec -- original, often unique circuit design makes this possible, and allows even the toughest applications to be met.

We also carry products that support RF testing outside of EMC. General laboratory test needs are met by our amps and antennas. Our Quiet Amps are especially well-suited for use in physics applications such as NMR/MRI studies, and offer pulsed output, noise blanking and other features other amps don't.

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