VXI Switch (MW Power Optical General)

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Keysight Technologies Inc. E1442A New (GSA discount) 64-Channel Form C or Form A Switch E1442A
Keysight Technologies Inc. E1463A New (GSA discount) 32-Channel, 5 Amp, Form-C VXI Switch E1463A
VTI Instruments SM7001A New (GSA discount) Self-Terminating 18GHz Microwave Switch Base Unit (holds up to 4 microwave bldg blks) SM7001A
VTI Instruments SMP1100 New (GSA discount) Single-slot Plug-in Base Unit (holds two switch modules) SMP1100
VTI Instruments SMP1200 New (GSA discount) Double-slot Plug-in Base Unit (holds up to six switch modules) SMP1200
VTI Instruments SMP2001A New (GSA discount) 20 SPST 16 Amp Power Switch SMP2001A
VTI Instruments SMP2002A New (GSA discount) 12 SPDT 16 Amp Power Switch SMP2002A
VTI Instruments SMP2005 New (GSA discount) 3 SPDT & 3 (1x4) 20A Power Switch (SMP1100 Only) SMP2005
VTI Instruments SMP4001 New (GSA discount) 9 (4x4) 2-wire, 2A per Channel SMP4001
VTI Instruments SMP4001-S New (GSA discount) User-definable SMP4001-S
VTI Instruments SMP4002 New (GSA discount) 1 (4x36) 2-wire SMP4002
VTI Instruments SMP4003 New (GSA discount) 2 (4x16) 2-wire + 1 (4x4) 2-wire SMP4003
VTI Instruments SMP4004 New (GSA discount) 1 (8x16) 2-wire + 1 (4x4) 2-wire SMP4004
VTI Instruments SMP4005 New (GSA discount) 1 (12x12) 2-wire SMP4005
VTI Instruments SMP4006 New (GSA discount) 3 (4x12) 2-wire SMP4006
VTI Instruments SMP4007 New (GSA discount) 2 (8x8) 2-wire + 1 (4x4) 2-wire SMP4007
VTI Instruments SMP5001 New (GSA discount) 80 SPST Relays, 2A per Channel SMP5001
VTI Instruments SMP5002 New (GSA discount) 50 SPDT Relays, 2A per Channel SMP5002
VTI Instruments SMP5003 New (GSA discount) 26 (1x4) 2A Switch Module SMP5003
VTI Instruments SMP5004 New (GSA discount) 30 SPDT 5A SMP5004
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