VTI Instruments VXI Miscellaneous

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
VTI Instruments 27-0087-041 New (GSA discount) 41-pin connector and backshell (no pins) (see 52-0102-001 for capacity) 27-0087-041
VTI Instruments 27-0116-000 New (GSA discount) RF pin (one each) 27-0116-000
VTI Instruments 27-0116-026 New (GSA discount) 26-pin connector and backshell (no pins) 2 required -- this backshell can accommodate a max of 19 cables without cable dressing 27-0116-026
VTI Instruments 46-0010-000 New (GSA discount) Crimp Tool 46-0010-000
VTI Instruments 46-0011-000 New (GSA discount) Extraction Tool 46-0011-000
VTI Instruments 46-0012-000 New (GSA discount) Crimp Tool 46-0012-000
VTI Instruments 46-0012-001 New (GSA discount) Crimp Tool 46-0012-001
VTI Instruments 46-0013-000 New (GSA discount) Crimp Tool 46-0013-000
VTI Instruments 46-0014-000 New (GSA discount) Insertion Tool 46-0014-000
VTI Instruments 46-0015-000 New (GSA discount) Extraction Tool 46-0015-000
VTI Instruments 46-0018-001 New (GSA discount) Crimp Tool, Coax RG316 50 Ohm 46-0018-001
VTI Instruments 46-0018-002 New (GSA discount) Crimp Tool, RG179 75 Ohm 46-0018-002
VTI Instruments 46-0021-000 New (GSA discount) Extraction Tool 46-0021-000
VTI Instruments 46-0024-000 New (GSA discount) Crimp Tool 46-0024-000
VTI Instruments 46-0025-000 New (GSA discount) Turret Head 46-0025-000
VTI Instruments 46-0036-000 New (GSA discount) Extraction Tool 46-0036-000
VTI Instruments 46-0037-000 New (GSA discount) Insertion Tool 46-0037-000
VTI Instruments 52-0102-001 New (GSA discount) Conn. Kit (incl. 1 conn. And backshell + 44 pins) -- At full population, does not allow room for any cable dressing 52-0102-001
VTI Instruments 52-0109-000 New (GSA discount) 100 crimp pins 52-0109-000
VTI Instruments 52-0109-001 New (GSA discount) 500-pin reel 52-0109-001
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