Primex Wireless Test/IT/Medical/Lab Equipment

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Primex Wireless 14155C New (GSA discount) 12.5" Black Traditional Clock for - Customized 14155C
Primex Wireless 14280C New (GSA discount) 9" Black Traditional Series Clock, Customized Dial 14280C
Primex Wireless 14323C New (GSA discount) 12.5" Black Electric Clock 24VAC, 18" cord, Customized 14323C
Primex Wireless 14396C New (GSA discount) 11.5" Honey Finish Wood Clock, Arabic Dial, Customized Dial 14396C
Primex Wireless 14399C New (GSA discount) 11.5" Walnut Finish Wood Clock, Arabic Dial, Customized Dial 14399C
Primex Wireless 14511C New (GSA discount) 9.5" Platinum Clock, Customized 14511C
Primex Wireless 14512C New (GSA discount) 13.75" Platinum Clock, Customized 14512C
Primex Wireless ONVSEN New (GSA discount) Sensor Software Subscription - Monthly Fee per monitoring point ONVSEN