Mu-Del Electronics Test/IT/Medical/Lab Equipment

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Mu-Del Electronics MDP-1-1113E-4 New (GSA discount) 4-port VHF RX Multicoupler MDP-1-1113E-4
Mu-Del Electronics MDP-1-1113E-8 New (GSA discount) 8-port VHF RX Multicoupler MDP-1-1113E-8
Mu-Del Electronics MDP-1-2240-8 New (GSA discount) 8-port UHF RX Multicoupler MDP-1-2240-8
Mu-Del Electronics MDP-1-2240E New (GSA discount) 4-port UHF RX Multicoupler MDP-1-2240E