Celsee, Inc. Test/IT/Medical/Lab Equipment

Celsee, Inc. Test/IT/Medical/Lab Equipment at TestMart are of the highest quality in test equipment industry. We strive to present only the highest quality information in an unbiased and neutral fashion. We focus on presenting the most current information of product pricing and availability.

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Celsee, Inc. 10701 New (GSA discount) Bundle - IncellPrep 10701
Celsee, Inc. 20001 New (GSA discount) Priming Genie 20001
Celsee, Inc. 20003 New (GSA discount) Genesis Backflow Adapter 20003
Celsee, Inc. 20103 New (GSA discount) Genesis System 20103
Celsee, Inc. 20103MS1 New (GSA discount) Genesis System GSS1-with 1 year of service, shipping included 20103MS1
Celsee, Inc. 20103MS2 New (GSA discount) Genesis System GSS2-with 2 years of service, shipping included 20103MS2
Celsee, Inc. 20103MS3 New (GSA discount) Genesis System GSS3-with 3 years of service, shipping included 20103MS3
Celsee, Inc. 20701 New (GSA discount) IncellPrep Sample Rack 20701
Celsee, Inc. 50101 New (GSA discount) Enrichment Reagents 50101
Celsee, Inc. 50500 New (GSA discount) IncellMax 50500
Celsee, Inc. 60701 New (GSA discount) IncellPrep Homogenizers (20 runs) 60701
Celsee, Inc. 70101 New (GSA discount) Celselect® Enrichment Kit 70101
Celsee, Inc. 70102 New (GSA discount) Celselect® Enumeration Indirect Stain Kit 70102
Celsee, Inc. 70103 New (GSA discount) Celselect® Enumeration Direct Stain Kit 70103
Celsee, Inc. 70212 New (GSA discount) Advantage Program - 250K Celsingle® 3 Prime Kit (4 Slides) v1.5 70212
Celsee, Inc. 70401 New (GSA discount) 100K Celsingle® 3 Prime Kit (4 Slides) v1.0 70401
Celsee, Inc. 70501 New (GSA discount) 250K Celsingle® 3 Prime Kit (4 Slides) v1.5 70501
Celsee, Inc. 70601 New (GSA discount) 1M Celsingle® 3 Prime Kit (4 Slides) v1.0 70601
Celsee, Inc. 77010 New (GSA discount) Genesis Slide Station - Celselect® Slid3 77010
Celsee, Inc. 77011 New (GSA discount) Reagent Cartridge Top Piercer 77011
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