M+P International Spectrum Analyzer

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
M+P International MP-DSAmodal New (GSA discount) Standard Modal Data Acquisition MP-DSAmodal
M+P International MP-DSAmodal-plus New (GSA discount) Advanced Modal Data Acquisition MP-DSAmodal-plus
M+P International MP-DSApro New (GSA discount) SO Analyzer Advanced Data Acquisition MP-DSApro
M+P International MP-DSAstd New (GSA discount) SO Analyzer General Data Acquisition MP-DSAstd
M+P International MP-VP4 New (GSA discount) 4 Channel Data Acquisition Hardware MP-VP4
M+P International MP-VP8 New (GSA discount) 8 Channel Data Acquisition Hardware MP-VP8
M+P International MP-VR16-plus-1 New (GSA discount) 16 Channel VibRunner Hardware with 2 outs MP-VR16-plus-1
M+P International MP-VR24 New (GSA discount) 24 Channel VibRunner Hardware MP-VR24
M+P International MP-eMDOF New (GSA discount) Post Test - Modal Analysis, SDOF, MDOF & MMV; channel count unlimited MP-eMDOF
M+P International MP-eRpro New (GSA discount) SO eReporter Pro MP-eRpro
M+P International MP-eRstd New (GSA discount) SO eReporter Standard MP-eRstd