Rohde & Schwarz Service Agreement and Warranty

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K11 New (GSA discount) Advanced TS Monitoring DVMS-K11
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K12 New (GSA discount) TS Template Monitoring DVMS-K12
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K16 New (GSA discount) EPG Display DVMS-K16
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K17 New (GSA discount) Thumbnail Display DVMS-K17
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K18 New (GSA discount) TS Capture DVMS-K18
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K19 New (GSA discount) PCR/PTS Analysis DVMS-K19
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K20 New (GSA discount) Interpreter DVMS-K20
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K21 New (GSA discount) QPSNR Analysis DVMS-K21
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K22 New (GSA discount) Carousel and MPE Analysis DVMS-K22
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K23 New (GSA discount) DVB-H Analysis DVMS-K23
Rohde & Schwarz DVMS-K24 New (GSA discount) Buffer Analysis DVMS-K24
Rohde & Schwarz ETL-DCV New (GSA discount) Documentation of ETL - Calibration Values ETL-DCV
Rohde & Schwarz EVS-DCV New (GSA discount) Documentation of calibration values for R&S EVS300; printout on Paper EVS-DCV
Rohde & Schwarz EVS-K5 New (GSA discount) Support of R&S power sensors EVS-K5
Rohde & Schwarz EVS-K8 New (GSA discount) Package EVS-K5 + EVS-K6 Support of R&S power sensors, DME pulse shape view EVS-K8
Rohde & Schwarz SFE-DCV New (GSA discount) Documentation of SFE calibration values SFE-DCV
Rohde & Schwarz SMA-K27 New (GSA discount) Pulse Train: User-defined pulse sequences. SMA-K23 required. For SMAs with SN larger 101500 SMA-K27
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z210 New (GSA discount) Calibration kit 1mm, 0Hz to 110GHz, Open, Short, Match, Through m/f each ZV-Z210
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z218 New (GSA discount) Calibration kit 1.85mm, 0Hz to 67GHZ, Open, Short, Match, Through m/f each ZV-Z218
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z224 New (GSA discount) Calibration kit 2.4mm, 0Hz to 50GHz, Open, Short, Match, Through m/f each ZV-Z224
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