RF Power Meter

Power meter is one of the widely used pieces of test equipment in the microwave laboratory. It can be used to characterize all manner of nonlinear circuit power transfer characteristics, such as amplifiers, mixers, limiters, etc. You can also measure insertion loss (or gain) and return loss of microwave networks, similar to using a scalar analyzer, but at a fraction of the equipment cost.

Power meters today are almost always digital. They convert an analog signal, referenced to fifty ohms, to a four digit display of power in watts, milliwatts or microwatts, or in decibel milliwatts (dBm).

Important rf power meter products:

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Rifocs Corp. 555B 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) 555B
Rohde & Schwarz URV55 3rd party pre-owned RF-millivoltmeter analog/digital display IEC bus URV55
Rohde & Schwarz NRVS 3rd party pre-owned Single channel power meter display unit, IEEE bus, digital/analog display NRVS
Rohde & Schwarz NAP 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) NAP
Wandel & Goltermann OLP-2 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) OLP-2
Wandel & Goltermann OLP-15B 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) OLP-15B
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RF Power Meters by different manufacturers: