PXI Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Keysight Technologies Inc. M8192A New (GSA discount) Synchronization Module for up to 6x M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator Units M8192A
Keysight Technologies Inc. M9330A New (GSA discount) Arbitrary waveform generator, 1.25 G Sa/s, 15 bit M9330A
Keysight Technologies Inc. M9331A New (GSA discount) Arbitrary waveform generator, 10 bit, 1.25 G Sa/s M9331A
Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GP1612H New (GSA discount) Programmable Pulse Generator - Hewlett Packard 8112A Compatible GP1612H
Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GP1616H New (GSA discount) Programmable Signal Source / Function Generator - Hewlett Packard 8116A Compatible GP1616H
Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GP1665HR New (GSA discount) Programmable function generator with rack mount kit. Replacement for HP8165A command set GP1665HR
Marvin Test Solutions Inc. GP1665WR New (GSA discount) Programmable Waveform Synthesizer with Rack Mount - Wavetek 178 Compatible GP1665WR

PXI Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators by different manufacturers: