HeartMath LLC Personal Stress Management Book

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
HeartMath LLC 1064 New (GSA discount) The HeartMath Solution 1064
HeartMath LLC 1150 New (GSA discount) Transforming Anger 1150
HeartMath LLC 1155 New (GSA discount) Transforming Anxiety 1155
HeartMath LLC 1158 New (GSA discount) Transforming Depression 1158
HeartMath LLC 1160 New (GSA discount) Transforming Stress 1160
HeartMath LLC 1985 New (GSA discount) Science of the Heart 1985
HeartMath LLC 2050 New (GSA discount) emWave®  Meditation, Prayer & Self-Help Assistant 2050
HeartMath LLC 2075 New (GSA discount) emWave® Solution for Better Sleep Guide 2075
HeartMath LLC 2090 New (GSA discount) A Practitioner's Guide: Applications of the emWave® PC Stress Relief System (formerly the Freeze-Framer®) 2090