Laser, ophthalmic

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Lumenis Inc. 0640-940-01 New (GSA discount) Selecta II Laser for SLT Glaucoma Therapy (Each) 0640-940-01
Lumenis Inc. 0642-510-01 New (GSA discount) Novus Spectra (Each) 0642-510-01
Lumenis Inc. AC-1063920 New (GSA discount) FiberLase®, HP-R 60 mm, straight, curved tip (Each) AC-1063920
Lumenis Inc. AC-1063930 New (GSA discount) FiberLase HP-R 60mm, straight, straight tip (Each) AC-1063930
Lumenis Inc. AC-1063940 New (GSA discount) FiberLase HP-R 140 mm straight, curved tip (Each) AC-1063940
Lumenis Inc. AC-1063970 New (GSA discount) FiberLase® HP-R 180 mm straight, straight tip (Each) AC-1063970
Lumenis Inc. AC-1063980 New (GSA discount) FiberLase® HP-R 240 mm bent, curved tip (Each) AC-1063980
Lumenis Inc. AC-1083950 New (GSA discount) FiberLase® HP-M 240 mm , malleable (Each) AC-1083950
Lumenis Inc. AC-1083960 New (GSA discount) FiberLase® Handpiece-M Kit (2) HP (Each) AC-1083960
Lumenis Inc. AC-1083970 New (GSA discount) FiberLase® HP-R 240 mm bent, straight tip (Each) AC-1083970
Lumenis Inc. AC-1085400 New (GSA discount) FiberLase® Bending Tool (Each) AC-1085400
Lumenis Inc. GA-0000600 New (GSA discount) Selecta Trio with Dual Port w/3 years of Warranty (Each) GA-0000600
Lumenis Inc. GA-0001700 New (GSA discount) Smart SELECTA TRIO - 3 YEAR Warranty (Each) GA-0001700
Lumenis Inc. GA-0024930 New (GSA discount) Selecta Trio w/3 years Warranty (Each) GA-0024930
Lumenis Inc. GA-0025000 New (GSA discount) Novus Spectra OR (Each) GA-0025000
Lumenis Inc. GA-0640940 New (GSA discount) Selecta II Laser for SLT Glaucoma Therapy w/3 years of Warranty (Each) GA-0640940
Lumenis Inc. GAS900000 New (GSA discount) Selecta Duet (Each) GAS900000
Lumenis Inc. GAS910000 New (GSA discount) Selecta Duet w/3 years of Warranty (Each) GAS910000

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