Lumenis Inc. Medical laser accessory, safety eyewear

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Lumenis Inc. 50-04083-00 New (GSA discount) SAFETY GOGGLE SPECTRASHIELD EYESHLD WHT (Each) 50-04083-00
Lumenis Inc. 50-04084-00 New (GSA discount) FOAM REPLACEMT/SPECTRASHIELD EYESHLD WHT (Each) 50-04084-00
Lumenis Inc. AX-1002033 New (GSA discount) SAFETY GLASSES FOR 120W HO, AND ND:YAG (Each) AX-1002033
Lumenis Inc. AX-1003588 New (GSA discount) Laser Safety goggles with filter (Each) AX-1003588
Lumenis Inc. AX-1006523 New (GSA discount) Patient eye protector 180-10600 (Each) AX-1006523
Lumenis Inc. AX0000011 New (GSA discount) OD3 IPL safety glasses (Each) AX0000011
Lumenis Inc. AX0000130 New (GSA discount) EYE PROTECTIONS 1565NM ND ND:YAG (Each) AX0000130
Lumenis Inc. AX0200052 New (GSA discount) Vision One 450-585 nm; Wavelength: GLASSES; 190-532NM OD 6+ 572-578NM ID 5+ (Each) AX0200052
Lumenis Inc. KT-1005870 New (GSA discount) DeepFX Bridge Therapy Disposible Kit (Pack of 30 Disposible Tips) KT-1005870
Lumenis Inc. MD1662500 New (GSA discount) VersaPulse PowerSuite Goggles (Each) MD1662500
Lumenis Inc. O-80000 New (GSA discount) Spectra / Novus 3000 Glasses; Wavelength: EYEWEAR; 180NM-532NM OD 7+ (Each) O-80000
Lumenis Inc. OP-10024350 New (GSA discount) Protective Eyewear Dual Wave Length (Each) OP-10024350