Medical laser accessory, delivery system

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Lumenis Inc. 0003-2473 New (GSA discount) Focused Incisional Handpiece, 1.0 mm (lens cell and barrel) (Each) 0003-2473
Lumenis Inc. 0614-963-01 New (GSA discount) Focused Incisional Handpieces, 0.2 mm and 1.0 mm (Each) 0614-963-01
Lumenis Inc. 0621-703-01 New (GSA discount) Spatula tip - standard (Each) 0621-703-01
Lumenis Inc. 0621-703-02 New (GSA discount) Spatula tip, narrow (Each) 0621-703-02
Lumenis Inc. 0626-210-01 New (GSA discount) TrueSpot collimated 2.0 mm handpiece (Each) 0626-210-01
Lumenis Inc. 0637-201-01 New (GSA discount) VersaCut Handpiece, reusable (Each) 0637-201-01
Lumenis Inc. 0642-644-01 New (GSA discount) UltraScan Encore CPG, (ST) Post S/N :**** (Each) 0642-644-01
Lumenis Inc. AA0631900 New (GSA discount) MicroSlad 719 for ZEISS OPMI Microscopes and Colposcopes (top entry) (Each) AA0631900
Lumenis Inc. AA0632600 New (GSA discount) AcuPulse 0.2mm Incisional Handpiece (Each) AA0632600
Lumenis Inc. AA0852000 New (GSA discount) ColpoSlad 725 for Leisegang (Each) AA0852000
Lumenis Inc. AA0886700 New (GSA discount) MicroSlad 715 Micromanipulator (Each) AA0886700
Lumenis Inc. AA2377300 New (GSA discount) Oral Pharyngeal and Nasal Handpiece Set, 230mm (15201) (Each) AA2377300
Lumenis Inc. AA2630000 New (GSA discount) Micromanipulator, AcuSpot 712 (Each) AA2630000
Lumenis Inc. AA2775200 New (GSA discount) Handpiece Set with Smoke Evacuation¿includes 125, 200, and 260mm (15100) (Each) AA2775200
Lumenis Inc. AA3042000 New (GSA discount) Micromanipulator, AcuSpot 712L with Large Hot Mirror for Larger Objective Lens Microscopes (Each) AA3042000
Lumenis Inc. GA-0006801 New (GSA discount) LP120H SYSTEM 120W,DOM-MOSES Technology (Each) GA-0006801
Lumenis Inc. KTCE03000 New (GSA discount) KIT DIGITAL ACUBLADE (Each) KTCE03000
Lumenis Inc. KTCE03200 New (GSA discount) DAB08 Digital AcuBlade Upgrade Kit. Customer must own an AcuSpot 712 and ST (Each) KTCE03200
Lumenis Inc. KTCE03300 New (GSA discount) Digital AcuBlade Upgrd Kit older ST galvo scanner types must own AcuSpot 712 and ST (Each) KTCE03300

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