Medical laser accessory, adapter

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Lumenis Inc. 0608-091-01 New (GSA discount) Adapter Ring, ClearSpot (for Global/Storz and Wild/Leica) (Each) 0608-091-01
Lumenis Inc. 0617-612-02 New (GSA discount) Adapter, Laparoscope, (for 6 mm Storz Laparoscopes #26034A & 26038A; Circon ACMI Laparoscope #LAP 11-56W; Eder Laparoscope #125126; Elmed Laparoscopes #52110-01, #52110-03, #52110-05, #52110-07, #52110-08; Stryker Laparoscope #331-000-000; and Wisap Lapa 0617-612-02
Lumenis Inc. 0617-612-03 New (GSA discount) Adapter, Laparoscope (for 7.5 mm Storz Laparoscope #26075A) (Each) 0617-612-03
Lumenis Inc. 0617-612-04 New (GSA discount) Adapter, Laparoscope (for 5 mm Storz Laparoscopes #26036A & #26039A; Olympus Laparoscopes #A5306 & #A5308; Circon ACMI Laparoscopes #LAP 10-55, #LAP 10-55W; and Dyonics Laparoscope #7205549) (Each) 0617-612-04
Lumenis Inc. 0617-612-05 New (GSA discount) Adapter, Laparoscope (for 5 mm Olympus Laparoscopes #A5240 & #A5252) (Each) 0617-612-05
Lumenis Inc. 0617-990-01 New (GSA discount) ZEISS UNIVERSAL ADAPTERKIT (Each) 0617-990-01
Lumenis Inc. 0637-191-01 New (GSA discount) Endoscopic Adapter Kit, reusable (Pack of 3) 0637-191-01
Lumenis Inc. 3303-0129 New (GSA discount) STOPCOCK LUER ADAPTERMD (Each) 3303-0129
Lumenis Inc. AA0827400 New (GSA discount) MicroSlad 717/718 Adapters for WILD M600 (19210) (Each) AA0827400
Lumenis Inc. AA1741700 New (GSA discount) Thread Adapter (for UltraPulse Encore/SurgiTouch) w/o lens (only for FiberLase delivery devices) (Each) AA1741700
Lumenis Inc. AA2818900 New (GSA discount) AcuSpot 712 Adapter Kit for Zeiss Opmi 111 and Opm1 11 (Each) AA2818900
Lumenis Inc. AA5014900 New (GSA discount) Zeiss Female adapter for AcuSpot 712 and 712-Z (Each) AA5014900
Lumenis Inc. AA5018400 New (GSA discount) MicroSlad Adapters for ZEISS 150 FC Colposcope (19251) (Each) AA5018400
Lumenis Inc. AA5039700 New (GSA discount) Leica Female Dovetail Adapter for Acupot 712 (Each) AA5039700
Lumenis Inc. AA5051100 New (GSA discount) AcuSpot/MicroSlad Adapter for Microscopes/Colposcopes with Side Entry Port (19279) (Each) AA5051100
Lumenis Inc. AA5122700 New (GSA discount) 12 mm spacer for Leica Microscopes (Each) AA5122700
Lumenis Inc. AA5205700 New (GSA discount) AcuSpot Adapter Kit for ZEISS OPMI 1H/6H/1F/6F/97 Microscopes/Colposcopes (19227) (Each) AA5205700
Lumenis Inc. AC-0010090 New (GSA discount) AcuSpot 712 Adapter Kit for Zeiss Vario (Each) AC-0010090
Lumenis Inc. AC-0020170 New (GSA discount) AcuSpot 712-Z Kit - Includes: Zeiss female microscope bracket, 6mm spacer for Leica microscopes, Dovetail spacer mounted on micromanipulator, Large aperture drape holder hardware for Zeiss drapes (Each) AC-0020170
Lumenis Inc. KT-1000100 New (GSA discount) Surgitouch Scanner (Each) KT-1000100
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