Function Generator


Function generator is a piece of electronic test equipment used to generate repetitive waveforms. These waveforms can then be injected into a device under test and analyzed as they progress through the device, confirming the proper operation of the device or pinpointing a fault in the device. Function generators usually generate a triangle waveform as their basic output. The triangle is generated by repeatedly charging and discharging a capacitor from a constant current source. This produces a linearly-ascending or descending voltage ramp. As the output voltage reaches upper and lower limits, the charging and discharging is reversed, producing the linear triangle wave. By varying the current and the size of the capacitor, different frequencies may be obtained. A 50% duty cycle square wave is easily obtained by noting whether the capacitor is being charged or discharged. Most function generators also contain a diode shaping circuit that can convert the triangle wave into a reasonably-accurate sine wave. Function generators, like most signal generators, may also contain an attenuator, various means of modulating the output waveform, and often contain the ability to automatically and repetitively "sweep" the frequency of the output waveform between two operator-determined limits. This capability makes it very easy to evaluate the frequency response of a given electronic circuit.

Important function generator products:

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Astronics Test Systems, Inc. 408151-001 New (GSA discount) Racal Instruments 250 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator with 1MB RAM (3152/3152A compatible) 408151-001
Astronics Test Systems, Inc. 408151-201 New (GSA discount) Racal Instruments 250 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator with 1MB RAM (VX4750 compatible) 408151-201
B&K Precision 4001A New (GSA discount) 4MHz Sweep Function Generator with Dial 4001A
B&K Precision 4003A New (GSA discount) 4 MHz Sweep Function Generator with 5 digit Red LED 4003A
B&K Precision 4010A New (GSA discount) 2 MHz Function Generator 4010A
B&K Precision 4011A New (GSA discount) 5 MHz Function Generator 4011A
B&K Precision 4012A New (GSA discount) 5 MHz Sweep Function Generator 4012A
B&K Precision 4017A New (GSA discount) 10 MHz Sweep Function Generator 4017A
B&K Precision 4040A New (GSA discount) 20 MHz Sweep Function Generator 4040A
Fluke 271-U New (GSA discount) 10MHZ DDS FUNCTION GENERATOR 271-U
Fluke 281-U New (GSA discount) 40MS/S UNIVERSAL WAVEFORM GENERATOR 281-U
Fluke 282-U New (GSA discount) 40MS/S 2CH UNIVERSAL WAVEFORM GENERATOR 282-U
Fluke 284-U New (GSA discount) 40MS/S 4CH UNIVERSAL WAVEFORM GENERATOR 284-U
Fluke 291-U New (GSA discount) 100MS/S ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATOR 291-U
Fluke 292-U New (GSA discount) 100MS/S 2CH ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATOR 292-U
Fluke 294-U New (GSA discount) 100MS/S 4CH ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATOR 294-U
Keysight Technologies Inc. 33210A New (GSA discount) Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 10 MHz 33210A
Keysight Technologies Inc. 33509B New (GSA discount) 33500B Series Waveform generator, 20 MHz, 1-channel 33509B
Keysight Technologies Inc. 33510B New (GSA discount) 33500B Series Waveform generator, 20 MHz, 2-channel 33510B
Keysight Technologies Inc. 33511B New (GSA discount) 33500B Series Waveform generator, 20 MHz, 1-channel with arb 33511B
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