Multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several functions in one unit. The most basic instruments include an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter.

Other features available in some units:

  1. A continuity tester that beeps when a circuit conducts.
  2. Digital output (as a number, rather than a scale reading) of the quantity under test.
  3. An amplifier to sense small voltages, currents and high resistances.
  4. Measurements of inductance and capacitance. This is helpful to test components, and therefore much used by technicians that must build and repair equipment.
  5. Tests of diodes and transistors. This is popular with technicians who have to fix broken equipment.
  6. Scales and sockets for temperature measurement with standard thermocouples.
  7. An intermediate frequency oscillator, a detector and an audio amplifier with a speaker, to diagnose and tune radio circuits. This used to be standard on some Russian models. It is an inexpensive compact substitute for an oscilloscope. It permits one to hear a signal, rather than see it.
  8. A slow oscilloscope. This is appearing in some high-end computer-controlled multimeters.
  9. A telephone test set.
  10. Automotive circuit tester.
  11. Record high and low voltage snapshots

Important multimeter products:

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
B&K Precision 2407A New (GSA discount) Mini-Pro, Autoranging 2407A
B&K Precision 2408 New (GSA discount) Mini-Pro Multimeter, w/Non-Contact Tester 2408
B&K Precision 2703C New (GSA discount) Manual Ranging Tool Kit DMM 2703C
B&K Precision 2704C New (GSA discount) Manual Ranging Tool Kit DMM with Transistor Test 2704C
B&K Precision 2705B New (GSA discount) Auto Ranging Tool Kit DMM 2705B
B&K Precision 2706B New (GSA discount) Manual Ranging Tool Kit DMM with Temperature 2706B
B&K Precision 2707B New (GSA discount) Manual Ranging True RMS Tool Kit DMM 2707B
B&K Precision 2708B New (GSA discount) Auto Ranging True RMS Tool Kit DMM 2708B
B&K Precision 2709B New (GSA discount) Auto Ranging True RMS Tool Kit DMM 2709B
B&K Precision 302 New (GSA discount) Phase & Motor Rotation Meter 302
B&K Precision 388BKIT New (GSA discount) 388B DMM with Test Lead Set 388BKIT
B&K Precision 391AKIT New (GSA discount) 391A True RMS DMM with Test Lead Set 391AKIT
Fluke 113 New (GSA discount) UTILITY MULTIMETER 113
Fluke 115 New (GSA discount) TRUE RMS MULTIMETER 115
Fluke 116 New (GSA discount) HVAC TRUE RMS MULTIMETER 116
Fluke 179 New (GSA discount) TRMS MULTIMETER W/BACKLIGHT & TEMP (ENG, SP, FR, POR) 179
Fluke 87-5 New (GSA discount) INDUSTRIAL TRUE RMS MULTIMETER 87-5
Fluke 8845A New (GSA discount) 6.5 DIGIT PRECISION MULTIMETER, 35PPM 8845A
Fluke 8845A-SU New (GSA discount) 6.5 DIGIT PRECISION MULTIMETER, SW & CABLE 8845A-SU
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