Xantrex Technology, Inc.

Xantrex Technology Inc. is a world leader in advanced power electronics. We make a positive difference in the lives of people around the world by combining proven technology with unparalleled market understanding to bring our customers products that enable the delivery of electricity anytime, anywhere.

Xantrex operates in high growth segments of the advanced power electronics market, with well-established products and systems sold to a diverse customer base in the Distributed, Mobile, and Programmable power markets.

Our enabling technology converts raw electrical power from any source -- central utility, backup power, distributed or renewable generation, -- into high-quality electricity required by today’s electronic and electrical equipment. Our knowledge and experience in advanced power electronics is helping to accelerate the commercialization of emerging power systems and solutions.

Our company’s growth is fuelled by the increasing demand for advanced power electronic products, which is driven by:

Society’s dependence on electronic devices Concern over the supply of quality, reliable power Need for independence from traditional power sources Increasing interest in renewable energy and distributed power

Xantrex products are smaller, lighter, more efficient, reliable and intelligent than traditional power conversion equipment. We provide products today that meet the needs of a wide range of customers, either as a key component that is integrated into equipment produced by others, or combined with a power source to provide a self-contained power solution.

Xantrex Technology, Inc. contact information:

8999 Nelson Way
V5A 4B5

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