Anritsu Company is the North American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation based in Atsugi, Japan. Anritsu has been recognized as a leading provider of communications solutions for more than 100 years. Anritsu has become a global leader in the telecommunications, optical and wireless industries by providing diverse product offerings ranging from test and measurement solutions to high-speed devices and components for use in R&D, production, and maintenance.

Equally diverse are the types of markets served by Anritsu. The corporation is comprised of strategic business divisions, including Information and Communications, Test and Measurement, Components and Devices, and Industrial Automation. Each business division has the autonomy to operate as individual units and the solidarity to use complementary technologies in product development. The result is a fast response to customer needs while maintaining focus on designing "Intelligent Solutions" for future standards. For example, Measurement Solutions, which is the largest of the divisions, is committed to developing test and measurement solutions for all existing and emerging wireless communications devices and networks, especially 2.5G and 3G formats. Anritsu provides solutions that cover the full range of testing everything from the components in handsets, to manufacturing/installation of base stations, and deployment and maintenance of the wireless infrastructure. Anritsu Measurement S olutions also provides components and test instrumentation for the optical and digital communications markets.

There is one constant throughout the divisions, product lines, and markets served - Anritsu is committed to its customers. Whether it is providing custom solutions in a timely fashion or having qualified and readily available service and support, Anritsu places a great deal of emphasis on meeting all of its customers needs.

The Anritsu Measurement Group Measuring Instrument Division and Industrial Automation Division (located in Japan) are registered by JQA and BSI as ISO 9001 Quality Standard. Anritsu intends to make further contributions to society through electronics by redoubling its commitment to R&D.

All of Anritsu's products are covered by quality control management which conforms with ISO international standards. Under the comprehensive quality control system, quality/reliability assurance is stressed at each phase of a product's design cycle - from development to manufacturing, inspection and service.

Anritsu contact information:

490 Jarvis Dr
Morgan Hill, CA

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1000 Cherry Ave., Suite #100,
San Mateo, CA
(888) 665-2765

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