National Instruments Corporation 782079-01 NI 9757 O2 Sensor Module Kit

782079-01 - National Instruments Corporation NI 9757 O2 Sensor Module Kit

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National Instruments Corporation NI 9757 O2 Sensor Module Kit

  • 2-channel Bosch LSU 4.2 or 4.9 wideband sensor controller module
  • Pump-current calibration provided for gasoline and diesel
  • O2 measurement in A/F, F/A, Lambda and Phi
  • Fuse-protected heater control circuits (serviceable)
  • 4-channel narrowband sensor input (differential)
  • 1 kHz channel reading update rate

The NI 9754 Engine-Synchronous TTL (ESTTL) Output Module Kit features an NI CompactRIO module with eight individually controlled TTL outputs of 200 ns resolution. You can control each channel with custom Boolean logic or the specialized fuel and spark VIs included with the kit. The fuel and spark VIs provide control similar to that of the NI 9758 PFI Driver module, but they are specifically designed to interact with the ESTTL module. However, the TTL outputs do not produce sufficient current for driving fuel injectors or ignition coils. The TTL outputs are intended to be used for commands to external custom driver circuits or smart actuators with built-in driver circuits. Multiple fuel and spark VIs may be logically ORed together to deliver multipulse engine-synchronous commands to a single TTL output.

You can use NI Powertrain Control C Series modules with NI cRIO-911x, NI cRIO-907x, and NI R Series expansion systems under the following conditions:
-You must leave one empty chassis slot between NI Powertrain Control and other NI modules
-You need to maintain an ambient system operating temperature of 0 to 45 C
-Typical NI module specifications may not apply when used in a system with NI Powertrain Control modules
-Warranted specifications are guaranteed for all NI modules except thermocouple modules when used in a system with NI Powertrain Control modules
-The NI 9214 is recommended for thermocouple measurements in CompactRIO systems using NI Powertrain Control modules
-NI Scan Interface mode, autodetection, and ID mode do not work when using NI Powertrain Control modules

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