National Instruments Corporation 778572-36 PXI-2536 PXI Matrix Switch Module, 544-Crosspoint, FET Relay, 100 mA, 12 V

778572-36 - National Instruments Corporation PXI-2536 PXI Matrix Switch Module..

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National Instruments Corporation PXI-2536 PXI Matrix Switch Module, 544-Crosspoint, FET Relay, 100 mA, 12 V

  • 8x68 (1-wire) matrix configuration
  • Up to 12 VDC/8 VAC or 100 mA
  • Unlimited switch lifetime
  • Unlimited simultaneous crosspoint connections (nonblocking)
  • 50,000 crosspoints/s switching speed
  • Direct VHDCI connectivity with additional row connector for easy expansion between modules
  • Configure Complete PXI System
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The National Instruments PXI-2536 high-density FET switch matrix module features 544 crosspoints in a compact, single-slot, 3U PXI form factor. The NI PXI-2536 is configured as an 8x68 one-wire matrix. Because the module uses field effect transistor (FET) switch technology, it offers unique benefits such as unlimited switch lifetime, unlimited simultaneous connections, and switching speed as high as 50,000 crosspoints/s. These features make the PXI-2536 ideal for routing low-power DC signals in validation test systems of mass produced devices such as semiconductor chips and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Use the PXI-2536 with the NI PXI-4110 programmable power supply and the NI PXI-4071 7-digit FlexDMM to build high-density automated test systems up to 12 VDC/8 VAC.

Connecting Signals to the PXI-2536
The PXI-2536 breaks out switch connections into two VHDCI connectors. The upper connector mates with the 68 columns on the switch while the lower left connector mates with the eight rows. The lower right connector, which also connects to the rows, is meant for matrix expansion. You can connect signals to the switch matrix using the SHC68-68 VHDCI to 68-pin SCSI cable and the TBX-68 screw-terminal block.

NI Switch Executive Switch Management Software
NI Switch Executive is an intelligent switch management and routing application. With NI Switch Executive, you gain increased development productivity by interactively configuring and naming switch modules, external connections, and signal routes. You also increase test code reuse and system performance with switch programming in conjunction with NI TestStand, LabVIEW, and Measurement Studio. Ultimately, NI Switch Executive simplifies switch system configuration and increases test performance, lowering your cost to test.

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