Mentor Source, Inc. 4017 FITARA and You - 1 seat (1 user, 1 course, 2 hours, online webinar)

4017 - Mentor Source, Inc. FITARA and You - 1 seat (1 user, 1..

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Mentor Source, Inc. FITARA and You - 1 seat (1 user, 1 course, 2 hours, online webinar)

Understanding the Impact of the new IT law on IT Managers, IT Security Professionals, IT Project Managers, and other IT professionals - with Robert The new Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) passed in December 2014 promises to change the way IT is managed within the civilian federal agencies in several key areas. No longer can agencies operate their IT outside the purview of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the head of their Department or Bureau, nor can the CIO manage IT without the cooperation of the Budget, Acquisition and Human Resources departments. IT personnel must be hired and managed using department-wide standards and oversight, budgets for programs involving IT (which these days includes most programs and projects) must have the CIO¿s approval as part of their budget and contracting process, and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will look for departmental wide IT buys, as well as proof that the agencies are following ¿best practices¿ in strategic sourcing, agile development, data center consolidation, etc. In this 2 hr training event we will explore: What motivated the passing of the FITARA legislation and what the law requires How OMB is requiring Civilian departments to implement the law Where your Department and other Departments stand today What this law means for you as a project manager, security specialist, IT manager, or other IT professional and HR personnel, Contracting officers, and budget officers

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