Mentor Source, Inc. 2064 Writing Effective Requests for Proposals (RPFs) - 1 seat (1 user, 1 course, 2 hours, online webinar)

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Mentor Source, Inc. Writing Effective Requests for Proposals (RPFs) - 1 seat (1 user, 1 course, 2 hours, online webinar)

This 2-hour event with Nancy will discuss how to provide support and input to the Contracting Officer for negotiations prior to award or modifications to existing contracts. The Contracting Officer (CO) is the authorized person to conduct negotiations with contractors. However, input, data, support and participation from the PM and/or end-user is critical to a successful and cost effective negotiation. Often only the PM/end-user knows what is essential and cannot be compromised or modified and what can¿t. Additionally, the cost of such changes to the mission and/or budget is the purview of the PM/end-user. Negotiations may or may not be strictly about price. Understanding the roles and responsibilities as well as obtaining a consensus among Government personnel is critical. This webinar: ¿ Examines the roles, responsibilities and authorities of the Government participants ¿ Identifies and explains consensus amount the participants ¿ Provides definition of terms ¿ Provides examples of successful negotiations and the required documentation both prior to and after negotiations. Creating a clear negotiation strategy with specific goals, reasoning behind the strategy and identifies agency requirements, needs and desires may have a significant impact on the organization. This webinar provides information, guidance and samples to assist in creating effective, clear negotiations and the documentation required.

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