Mentor Source, Inc. 2049 Team Goal Setting - 1 seat (1 user, 1 course, 2 hours, online webinar)

2049 - Mentor Source, Inc. Team Goal Setting - 1 seat (1 user, 1..

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Mentor Source, Inc. Team Goal Setting - 1 seat (1 user, 1 course, 2 hours, online webinar)

During this 2-hour training event with Jeffrey, he will discussing supporting team success with properly formatted goals. Team performance goals are the specific goals that the team will work towards within the framework of the overall mission or project. Team goal setting enables a team to clarify achievable goals that constitute meaningful results for them. The more team members are involved in agreeing what results they want to achieve, the more committed they are likely to be to achieving them. Structuring goals properly will help focus, guide and motivate the group. Research has shown that more specific and ambitious goals lead to more performance improvement than easy or general goals. In this webinar we will compare and contrast different ways of framing goals and portray how the use of performance orientated goal-setting stimulates and motivate the team performance. In this seminar we will discover: Group dynamics and team goal setting Goal setting with proper language and structure ¿ a quick review The big blueprint and the smaller goals that will get team results - chunking down large and complex goals for optimal success Evaluation, tracking and making changes Setting up millstones and rewards What to do when something goes wrong

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