Keysight Technologies Inc. N5181B MXG X-Series RF Analog Signal Generator

N5181B - Keysight Technologies Inc. MXG X-Series RF Analog Signal Generator

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Keysight Technologies Inc. MXG X-Series RF Analog Signal Generator

Whether youre pushing for more dynamic range or an optimized receiver rejection, the MXG delivers what you need: phase noise, non-harmonics, output power, and more. Take your devices and designs to the limit with the MXG.

The pure and precise N5181B Analog, N5182B vector MXG X-Series RF analog and vector signal generators are fine-tuned to deliver the highest levels of performance to push your devices to their limits.

¿Test radar receiver sensitivity or characterize ADC or mixer signal-to-noise ratio, with unmatched phase noise and spurious performance
¿Drive receiver front-ends for out-of-band rejection with industry-leading output power
¿Simulate multi-channel composite analog modulation with integrated multifunction generator
¿Create variable RADAR PRI and pulse width with integrated pulse train generator

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