Keysight Technologies Inc. M9186A Isolated Single Channel Voltage/Current Source, 100V

M9186A - Keysight Technologies Inc. Isolated Single Channel Voltage/Current..

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Keysight Technologies Inc. Isolated Single Channel Voltage/Current Source, 100V

Key Features & Specifications

Application-focused Specs

  • 16V range @ 200mA to meet high voltage/current requirements
  • High accuracy current sense for leakage tests


  • Isolated voltage source
  • Isolated current source with a programmable voltage limit
  • Interlock capability for safety and protection

Performance characteristics

  • Low range: 16V @ 200mA
  • High range: -10v to 100V up to 20mA


The V/I source lets you source a voltage and measure the resultant current, or source a current and measure the resultant voltage. It consist of two separate amplifiers, denoted low and high that share a common output connection. The low amplifier provides voltages in the range of 16 volts at up to 200ma and the high amplifier provides voltages in the range of 100V at up to 20mA.

Typical applications for the low-voltage amplifier include I/O pin parametric leakage, bias current, impedance, threshold and clamp voltage. The high voltage amplifier can be applied to help verify the presence of clamp diodes as the outputs of modules that drive inductive loads. Both the amplifiers can sense the amount of current flowing while forcing a constant voltage.

Uniquely present is a safety interlock for the high-voltage amplifier that automatically disables the high-voltage amplifier and opens all relays when the interlock circuit is broken. This provides protection to the DUT when dangerous high levels of voltage maybe present. The interlock in indicated by an LED on the module front panel and can be used, for example, by connecting to an external limit switch on fixtures.

Additional Details

Type: New commercial
Calibration: New

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