Keysight Technologies Inc. N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 9 kHz to 7 GHz

N9322C - Keysight Technologies Inc. Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 9 kHz to..

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Standard equipment

Documentation CD
BNC cable
N-BNC adapter
USB cable
Power cord


Keysight Technologies Inc. Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA), 9 kHz to 7 GHz

Key Features & Specifications


  • 9 kHz to 7 GHz; internal pre-amplifier to 7 GHz
  • Optional 7 GHz tracking generator with built-in VSWR bridge
  • Optional AM/FM, ASK/FSK demodulation analysis


  • 0.3 dB absolute amplitude accuracy
  • -90 dBc/Hz phase noise at 10 kHz offset, +11 dBm third order intercept (TOI)
  • -152 dBm displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • 0.7 dB frequency response


  • Keysight's PowerSuite one-button power measurements: Channel power, OBW, ACPR, SEM (standard); spectrogram (optional)
  • Channel scanner measures up to 20 channels simultaneously
  • Reflection measurements include: return loss, insertion loss and distance-to-fault
  • Time-gated spectrum analysis

Automation and communication interface

  • USB and LAN connectivity (standard), GPIB interface (optional)
  • SCPI commands compatible with ESA spectrum analyzers
  • Supported by Keysight HSA and BSA PC software


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The N9322C basic spectrum analyzer (BSA) defines a new generation of value-priced, general-purpose spectrum analyzers. It helps you quickly uncover key insights during RF design and troubleshooting through superior, best-in-class RF performance.

Basic spectrum analyzer - streamlined for straightforward and efficient operation

  • Marker demodulation makes the AM/FM tune and listen easy and intuitive
  • One-button optimization of the analyzer sensitivity, quickly lowers the DANL for low-level signal detection
  • User-definable soft keys provide quick access to seven of the most frequently used measurement setups, helping operators easily switch from one test task to another and achieve higher throughput

Basic spectrum analyzer - supports next-level product research and development

  • 7 GHz tracking generator with a built-in VSWR bridge supports general-purpose transmission and reflection measurements
  • Demodulation mode makes it easy to cost-effectively gain greater insight into AM/FM, ASK/FSK signal analysis
  • Competitive price and performance, proven testing efficiency, and best-in-class usability

Gain higher test efficiency and capitalize on more opportunities.

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