Keysight Technologies Inc. M9330A Arbitrary waveform generator, 1.25 G Sa/s, 15 bit

M9330A - Keysight Technologies Inc. Arbitrary waveform generator, 1.25 G Sa/s, 15 bit

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Keysight Technologies Inc. Arbitrary waveform generator, 1.25 G Sa/s, 15 bit

Key Features & Specifications


  • Radar test
  • Satellite test


  • Very high signal quality arbitrary waveform generator
  • 1 GHz modulated bandwidth
  • Advanced sequencing engine

Performance characteristics

  • 15-bit resolution, -65 dBc harmonic distortion, -150 dBc/Hz noise floor
  • 1.25 GS/s sampling rate for 500 MHz of bandwidth per channel


Keysight's M9330A arbitrary waveform generator delivers unprecedented performance for creation of complex wideband waveforms. High sampling rate and high bit resolution provided in a single instrument enable designers to create ideal waveforms for accurate test of radar, satellite and frequency agile systems. Each channel of the M9330A provides 500 MHz of modulation bandwidths and over 65 dBc of spurious free dynamic range. When the M9330A is combined with a wideband I/Q upconverter, modulation bandwidth of 1 GHz can be realized at microwave frequencies for authentic signal simulations for IF and RF subsystem test.

Typical applications using these products include RADAR, EW T&M;, UWB T&M;, aerospace defense T&M; and commercial T&M; applications.


  • Option 300, dynamic sequencing, is a hardware interface which allows the user to dynamically point to pre-defined carrier signals created with the direct digital synthesis engine.
  • Option 330, direct digital synthesis, provides efficient compression of narrowband modulation on a carrier.
  • Option 350, Function Generator is an easy-to-use, user friendly graphical interface, that makes it extremely easy to generate sine waves, square waves, ramps, and many other waveforms as well as AM, FM, FSK and other modulations.
  • Dual output channels drive differential and single-ended designs
  • Multi-emitter and Multi-path simulations possible via synchronization of multiple modules
  • Complex waveforms can be created via advanced sequencing engine
  • Leverage of existing software: Use code from MATLAB, and other programs such as the N7509A Waveform Generation Toolbox for ease of integration
  • 1.25 GS/s sample clock
  • 15 bits of vertical resolution
  • Dual channel operation
  • Differential and single-ended outputs
  • Up to 16 MS waveform memory (Option 016)
  • Multiple module synchronization
  • Up to 125 k definable waveform segments
  • Up to 16 k unique definable sequences
  • IVI-COM and IVI-C compliant drivers
  • Complete instrument control from MATLAB and LabView
  • Compatible with cPCI, PXI and PXIe (hybrid slots only) mainframes

Create complex scenarios using our latest technologies in signal generation

MATLAB software for the M9330A is orderable directly from Keysight for making your own arbitrary waveforms (multi-tone signals, pulsed radar signals, and multi-carrier modulated waveforms), measurement and analysis routines, and instrument applications see more details in the Options & Accessories tab of this page. Demonstration videos showing how to use MATLAB with Keysight instruments.

MATLAB is a U.S. registered trademark of The Math Works, Inc.
LabView is a registered trademark of National Instruments.

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