Keysight Technologies Inc. E8257D-007 Analog ramp sweep

E8257D-007 - Keysight Technologies Inc. Analog ramp sweep

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Keysight Technologies Inc. Analog ramp sweep

Key Features & Specifications

  • Fully synthesized continuous analog frequency and power sweeps
  • Operates with the Keysight 8757D scalar network analyzer for fully automated measurements
  • Swept two-tone testing - Block Diagram
  • Alternate sweep


Continuous Sweep of Frequency and Power

The E8257D PSG analog signal generator equipped with Option 007 enables fully synthesized continuous analog frequency and power sweeps. This capability is in addition to the slower stepped and list sweeps, which are standard on all PSGs. The analog ramp sweep capability provided by Option 007 is critical when using the PSG as the stimulus for swept stimulus/response measurements, such as gain and frequency response. Fully synthesized signal generators are phase locked during the entire frequency sweep, excluding band crossings. This results in superior frequency accuracy that is typically 10 to 100 times better than traditional "lock and roll" sweepers that are phase locked at the beginning of the sweep and run open-loop for the remainder of the sweep. The PSG's high output power (Option 1EA) and increased sweep speed result in wide dynamic range and increased throughput for stimulus/response measurements.

Interface with the 8757A/C/E/D Scalar Network Analyzers

Option 007 is required for the PSG to interface seamlessly with the Keysight 8757D scalar network analyzer for fully automated network measurements. Add another PSG with Option 007 to this setup for swept two-tone tests (master/slave). Ten independent, continuously variable frequency markers are available on the PSG that allow accurate analysis of a device at critical frequencies. The E8257D PSG also provides square-wave modulated RF for use with the AC detection mode available on the 8757D. AC detection reduces the effects of broadband noise, thermal drift and other unmodulated signals that can degrade measurement performance. See the 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer User's Guide for more information on the AC detection mode. Note: GPIB system interface is not supported with 8757A/C/E models, only with 8757D. As a result, some features of 8757A/C/E, such as frequency display, pass-through mode, and alternate sweep, do not function with PSG signal generators.

View the PSG two-tone (master/slave) configuration with the 8757D. Block Diagram

Typical Applications

The ramp sweep option is excellent for stimulus/response measurements that require a fast, continuous analog ramp sweep, rather than a slower digital stepped sweep. Continuous sweeps are typically required for accurate characterization of gain, frequency response, isolation and return loss of components such as amplifiers, filters, and mixers. The PSG's wide dynamic range also increases measurement accuracy of filter rejection and switch isolation. For two-tone (master/slave) swept measurements on mixers and other devices, two PSGs can synchronously track each other with independent control of start and stop frequencies.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.

Additional Details

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  • This is available to Authorized User Groups and Agencies for delivery to CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Commercial and non-US entities are not authorized to purchase from GSA MSA contracts and may not reference GSA prices.
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