Keysight Technologies Inc. B1506A-H20 Opt H20 - 20 A/3 kV/Thermal Fixture Package

B1506A-H20 - Keysight Technologies Inc. Opt H20 - 20 A/3 kV/Thermal Fixture..

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Keysight Technologies Inc. Opt H20 - 20 A/3 kV/Thermal Fixture Package

The B1506A Power Device Analyzer for Circuit Design is a complete solution that can help power electronic circuit designers maximize the value of their power electronics products by enabling them to select the correct power devices for their applications. It can evaluate all relevant device parameters under a wide range of operating conditions, including IV parameters such as breakdown voltage and on-resistance, as well as three terminal FET capacitances, gate charge and power loss.

Key Features & Specifications
• Measures all IV parameters (Ron, BV, Leakage, Vth, Vsat, etc.)
• Measure transistor input, output and reverse transfer capacitances (Ciss, Coss, Crss, Cies, Coes, Cres, Rg) at high bias voltages
• Qg curve measurement
• Power loss (conduction, driving and switching) evaluation
• Easy to use and fully automated measurement
• Data sheet characterization mode supports quick and easy evaluations of data sheet parameters
• Wide operation I/V (1500A, 3kV) Thermal test (-50°C to +250°C)
• Oscilloscope View provides visual verification of pulsed measurement waveforms

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