Keysight Technologies Inc. E5072A ENA Series Network analyzer

E5072A - Keysight Technologies Inc. ENA Series Network analyzer

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Keysight Technologies Inc. ENA Series Network analyzer

Key Features & Specifications

  • 2-port, 30 kHz to 4.5 GHz & 8.5 GHz
  • Configurable test set (direct receiver access)
  • High output power (up to +20 dBm)
  • Extended dynamic range (up to 151 dB)
  • Fast measurement speed: 7 msec at full 2-port cal, 401 points
  • Low trace noise: 0.004 dB rms at 70 kHz IFBW
  • High temperature stability: 0.005 dB/C
  • High throughput and user Interface customization with built-in VBA
  • Compatibility with E5071C and 8753 series
  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) measurement


The Keysight E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer is a new addition to the ENA series providing a more flexible platform with enhanced capabilities to meet your evolving measurement needs for a wide range of applications. The improved performance on the E5072A exceeds what is possible with the current RF network analyzers. The E5072A with a configurable test set provides access to the signal paths between the internal source, receivers, bridges, and the analyzers test ports; which improves instrument sensitivity as well as the ability to add components or peripherals for a variety of applications. The E5072A delivers new standards in versatility, speed and accuracy, and is suitable for full performance characterization of passive and active components, such as antennas, high-rejection filters, and high-power amplifiers.

Learn more: E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer - Technical Overview

The Right Solution for RF Amplifier Measurement

The E5072A with power level calibration techniques is a cost-effective & powerful tool for RF amplifier measurements. Its receiver leveling function with receiver measurements helps you achieve accurate absolute power level for characterization of power-dependent active devices in nonlinear operation.

Amplifier measurement wizard for the E5072A is available on Keysights website that guides you through measurement procedures of your amplifiers and minimize the time spent on measurement setup. S-parameter, harmonic distortion, and CW or swept gain compression measurements are supported by the utility wizard.

For more detail about basic RF amplifier measurement, view the application note Basics of RF Amplifier Measurements with the E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer".

For more detail about high-power amplifier measurement, view the application note High-power Measurements using the E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer".

Innovative PIM and S-parameter measurement solution

Passive intermodulation (PIM) is a form of intermodulation distortion that occurs in passive components such as antennas, cables, connectors, or duplexers with two or more high-power input signals.

The innovative solution with the E5072A can combine PIM and S-parameter measurements of these passive components. With Fast, Flexible and Accurate measurement capabilities, the new test system is a higher-performance and lower-cost solution that can replace the conventional PIM test solutions.

Learn more: PIM measurement application and solution page

View Video: E5072A- The Complete Solution to Replace Your 875x

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