Lumenis Inc. GA-0000070 ACUPULSE (Each)

GA-0000070 - Lumenis Inc. ACUPULSE (Each)

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Country of Origin: Israel
SIN: A-39
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GSA Schedule: 36F79720D0159 Exp.:31 Jul. 2025

U.S. Government, Military
and Contractors only
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Standard equipment

AcuPulse 30 C02 Laser System, 100-240 V

System features:
- 1 - 30 watt power, Continuous Wave (cw) mode
- 0.5 - 10 Watt power, SuperPulse mode
- Video supported large color user interface
- 5 mW red diode laser aiming beam, 635 nm
- Storage of personalized laser treatment data
- Video tutorials demonstrating accessory assembly
- Personalized log-in with password
- Integrated purge air pump
- Upgradeable to SurgiTouch automation system
- Lightweight, carbon fiber laser arm, 47" reach
- Meets or exceeds UL standards

System includes:
- In-Service training from clinical education staff
- 0.2mm focused, incisional handpiece
- One operator manual and warning sign
- Five pair of safety glasses
- One bacteriological filter set
- Footswitch
- Power cord


Lumenis Inc. ACUPULSE (Each)

Wavelength10.6 micron
Laser Power CW30 Watt
Laser Power UltraPulse / SuperPulse10 Watt
Power requirements100 - 140 VAC, 4 Amp. 50/60 Hz
Fiber CompatibilityNot applicable
Delivery System CompatibilityConnects to the world's largest assortment of special CO2 laser accessories:
  • SurgiTouch Automation System
  • Nasal & Laryngeal Probes
  • Oral Pharyngeal & Nasal Handpieces
  • Laser Bronchoscope
  • OtoLam Ear Aeration System
  • Focusing Handpieces
  • Skin Resurfacing Handpiece Set
  • Micromanipulators: AcuSpot, MicroSlad, ColpoSlad
  • Micromanipulator AcuSpot 712L/Z (world's only large aperture micromanipulator)
  • Digital AcuBlade laryngeal (robotic) microsurgery system
  • Laparoscope Adapters: Beam Align
  • Laparoscopes: Single Puncture, Second Puncture
Cooling systemSelf-contained, closed cycle
Safety approvalsUL, CE
FDA clearancesMore than 120 cleared indications in the specialties of:
  • Dermatology & Plastic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Otolaryngology
  • Gynecology
  • GYN Laparoscopy
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedics
  • General / Thoracic Surgery
  • Dental / Oral Surgery
  • Genitourinary
BME trainingHeld periodically at Lumenis headquarters
Clinical TrainingClinical Inservicing & Preceptorships
ServiceDirect factory trained field service organization
International Manufacturing StandardsDistributed and sold worldwide
Special Feature
  • OptionalSurgiTouch Automation System (with animated clincal videos, Q4/2009)
  • Atlas of Accessories video tutorial: animated video of accessories assembly
  • Personalized log-in: user logs in with own pass word to retrieve personalized laser set-up
  • "My Settings" feature: user can store treatment parameters and comments pertaining to certain procedures
  • Control of smoke evacuator from user interface
  • Laser arm folds flush into back-side of housing
  • Smart footswitch (Q4/2009)
  • Remote control (Q4/2009)

Additional Details

  • Available NEW for official U.S. Government & Authorized Contractor purchase only
  • This is available to Authorized User Groups and Agencies for delivery to CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Commercial and non-US entities are not authorized to purchase from GSA MSA contracts and may not reference GSA prices.
Type: GSA Schedule
Calibration: New
DUNS: #08-643-8152
Tax ID: 94-3310442
CAGE code: 1RPN6
DODAAC: Q90079
Small business credit applies for this item.

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