Keithley Instruments Inc. 2010 DIGITAL MULTIMETER

2010 - Keithley Instruments Inc. DIGITAL MULTIMETER

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Keithley Instruments Inc. DIGITAL MULTIMETER

No.of Digits: 7.5digits
DC Volts Range: 100mV
AC Volts Range: 100mV

The 2010 offers a variety of advantages when configuring production test systems:

 High DCV basic accuracy (7ppm), stability, and linearity (¦2ppm of reading + 1ppm of range on the 10VDC range) to reduce total measurement uncertainty.

 Low noise floor (100nV) to allow more accurate millivolt-and

microvolt-level measurements.

 A wide dynamic range, which minimizes range-shift errors and speeds systems applications by reducing range change delays.

 Built-in ratio measurement function for precise relative measurements and comparison testing.

 High throughput, with speeds up to 2000 readings/second (at 4 1 +2 -digit resolution).

High Measurement Flexibility

The 2010 has 15 built-in measurement functions, including DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2W+, 4W+, dry circuit resistance, temperature (with either thermocouples or RTDs), frequency, period, ratio, continuity mea-surement, and diode testing. This multi-functional design minimizes added equipment costs.

10-ch scanner Mainframe
Dry circuit/low powe
15 Measurementm functions
Built-in ratio Measurement
Easy to use
100 Vrms noise floor

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Type: New commercial
Calibration: New

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