EZ Digital DM-341 20000 Count Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter

DM-341 - EZ Digital 20000 Count Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter

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EZ Digital 20000 Count Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter

No.of Digits: 3.5digits
DC Volts Range: 200mV
AC Volts Range: 200mV

GENERAL: The new LG DM-300 series are state of the art instruments with full features and wide applications, capable of meeting the requirements for the field of education, service, hobbyist and industry. By introducing the latest production technology of SMT(Surface Mounting Technology) and LGP's strict quality control, DM-300 series have high quality, performance and reliability. DM-300 series are designed to meet IEC-1010 safety requirements.


AC/DC Voltage : 750V/1000V

AC/DC Current : 10A

Resistance Range : 20Mohm

Overload protection voltage up to max. 600V in resistance range, continuity and diode check

Wrong position protector(parent pending) in the 10A input terminal (DM-313 only)

1000V between Com. And Ground jacks

10A fused with input overload protection

Data hold mode (DM-313 only)

Frequency measurement from 10Hz to 200kHz (DM-312/341 only)

Continuity test

Diode test

TR hFE check (DM-312/34

Additional Details

Type: New commercial
Calibration: New

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