Keysight Technologies Inc. N6972A Advanced Power System - DC Power Supply, 40 V, 50 A, 2000 W

N6972A - Keysight Technologies Inc. Advanced Power System - DC Power..

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Keysight Technologies Inc. Advanced Power System - DC Power Supply, 40 V, 50 A, 2000 W

The N6900 and N7900 Series advanced power system (APS) and the N8900 Series basic autoranging power supplies expand the current power supply portfolio with new higher power and higher performance ranges.

The APS family is focused on solving nine test challenges including such things as generating power transients, characterizing inrush current profiles, and building a continuous source and load solution.

The N8900 Series is a family of basic power supplies with "just the right amount of performance" offered in 5 kW, 10 kW, and 15 kW single-output units. Models are available up to 1500 V and up to 510 A.

N6900, N7900 and N8900 include GPIB LAN USB LXI interfaces

Key Features & Specifications

Accelerate test throughput with industry-leading specifications

  • Test speeds 100x faster than standard system power supplies
  • Command processing speed < 2ms
  • Fast up/down programming speeds up to 3ms

Accurately characterize your DUT's power profile with advanced measurement capability

  • Dual voltage and current measurement capability with DMM-like accuracy
  • Power, peak power, watt hour, and amp hour measurements

Full two-quadrant operation for power storage test applications

  • Provides continuous smooth operation between +current and - current transitions
  • Provides + and - programmable current limits, programmable + and - current waveforms, and automatic downprogramming
  • Full two-quadrant operation requires N7909A power dissipater units, standalone power supply offers 10% rated current two-quadrant operation

Track power events with a black-box recorder

  • Optional accessory N7908A black-box recorder
  • Works in the background tracking power events whenever the APS supply is on
  • Records measurement data, trigger events, status bits, and more

Add power flexibility to your test system with built-in APS paralleling up to 10 kW

  • Ensures equal current sharing among paralleled supplies
  • Implemented with three wire connection on power supply rear panel
  • Ensures each paralleled supply operates in its intended mode, whether that is CV or CC

Add advanced display, setup and measurement functions by downloading Keysight's free application: APS Power Assistant Software


The N6900 Series DC power supplies are designed for ATE applications where high performance is critical.

If you are looking for ATE applications where high-speed dynamic sourcing and measurement is needed see the APS N7900 Series power supplies.

Turn any APS power supply into not only a source but a load as well, which is great for power storage applications. Add full, 2-quadrant operation to any APS power supply with the N7909A APS power dissipater unit.

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