Tektronix TCPA300 Current Probe: 100 MHz, Amplifier (Requires Probe)

TCPA300 - Tektronix Current Probe: 100 MHz, Amplifier..

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Tektronix Current Probe: 100 MHz, Amplifier (Requires Probe)

Key Features (limited by selected probe type)
  • Wide Bandwidth - DC Up To 100 MHz at -3 dB
  • Expanded Continuous Input Current - 1mA to 500A DC
  • Low Current Measurement Levels -1mA
  • Low DC Drift and Noise - Improved Low Level Current Measurements <250µA RMS
  • Small Footprint - Small mechanical package allows more desktop space
  • Status Indicators - Provides visual indication of Probe open, Current overload, Proper termination and non-compatible probe type
    • Instrument Compatibility
      • TekConnect (w/TCA-BNC): TDS7154, TDS7254, TDS7404, CSA7154, CSA7404, TDS6404, TDS6604
      • TEKPROBE: TDS7054, TDS7104, TDS5000, TDS3000, TDS700, TDS600, TDS500, and TDS400
      • Standard BNC: TDS1000, TDS2000, Any 50 Ohm or 1MegOhm input oscilloscope or other Instrumentation.

Additional Details

Type: New commercial
Calibration: New

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